Monday, December 18, 2017
By Bruce Erbeck

Frame your mirror

Yes, you read that correctly.  Perhaps you have a simple mirror with beveled edges or perhaps your mirror has a 90 degree edge cut. Don’t buy a new mirror when you can use moulding to enhance its effect. Check out your local hardware store for the same moulding that you might find around your door jam or on your base boards.  You can even use simple 2” wood fur strips that are very inexpensive and easy to install.  Cut your 45 degree edges (or have the hardware store do that for you) and build your mock frame around the mirror.  You will be surprised how great your mirror looks framed in!



Themed bathrooms

Want to do something different in your bathroom to set it apart?  Think about themes that you can reasonably decorate.  You may have taken a beach trip recently and collected a bunch of shells and small trinkets (including photos) from your trip.  Add a small fish net, some drift wood pieces and your shells and you have a wonderful wall art piece that is 100% custom!  You can even add accents like shell shaped soap, bath matte or shower curtain that matches your beach theme.  Lots of ideas if you consider the places you have been on vacation or would like to visit.  I once saw a London bathroom where the door to the bathroom was painted red and resembled a London telephone booth.



Vanity cabinets at their best

If your cabinet is older, and ripping it out to add a new one is not in the budget, consider painting over your existing base cabinet.  A few cans of spray paint and lots of masking tape and you will have a freshly painted vanity that looks brand new.  Remember to remove the doors and the hardware (including the hinges) before painting.  



Outer shower curtain

Many people prefer function over fashion.  I’m one of those people. However, I have found that by pairing a decorative curtain with a normal plastic shower curtain, both needs are met: the functional need to keep the water where it belongs and the aesthetic need to enhance the bathroom’s appeal to prospective buyers.



Paint your bathroom

Many people will paint the whole house and take a look at their bathroom and think, “It’s in pretty good shape.” Painting is one of the most inexpensive and best ways to brighten and freshen up a bathroom.  Bathrooms should be a neutral color that is light and airy in grey, tan or white shades.  Consider hanging vertical striped wall paper in a smaller bathroom and watch the room appear to grow!


Bath mats are key

I know it seems simple, but when you step on a new thick soft cushion bathmat your feet sink right in.  It’s a comfortable feeling to you and guess what, it’s that same feeling when a prospective buyer steps on it!  Splurge and get a good thick matt to put down in front of the vanity. This is also a simple and inexpensive way to add a pop of color to your neutral painted bathroom.



Pay attention to the hardware

Install new hardware throughout your bathroom - from knobs and pulls on your vanity to the sink and tub faucets to the shower head - will all contribute to buyer’s nodding their heads and making positive comments.  Believe it or not, people notice the shower head more than any other aspect of the bathroom. A nice-looking rain fall shower head gets people imaging what it will be like to take a shower in that bathroom so much so they want to move in just for the shower! Did you know that for 3 years the Holiday Inn hotel franchise marketed their shower heads as the difference in their properties? If they can do it, so can you!